Michael Fassbender: ‘Shame’ Made Me Go a ‘Little Bit Loopy’ (VIDEO)


Michael FassbenderĀ is about one inch away from becoming a household name. The German-born Irish actor has enjoyed a breakthrough 2011, with roles in everything from ‘Jane Eyre’ to ‘X-Men: First Class,’ where he starred as Erik Lehnsherr — better known as Magneto. His role in the critically acclaimed new drama ‘Shame,’ however, might be his biggest challenge yet.

Fresh on the heels of his performance as Carl Jung in the David Cronenberg-directed ‘A Dangerous Method,’ Fassbender stars in the NC-17 drama as Brandon, a Manhattan-based sex addict struggling under the weight of his desires. Quiet and methodical, Fassbender nails the role (pardon the pun) and will likely be among the five Best Actor nominees this year. Moviefone caught up with him earlier this year at the Toronto International Film Festival to — what else — talk about ‘Shame,’ sex and full-frontal nudity.