Hey, The Rock, Here’s the Script For Your New Clint Eastwood Movie

A little over two weeks ago, The Rock Tweeted about how he would be honored to work on a movie with his heroes, Clint Eastwood and Steve McQueen. Here at Moviefone HQ, we would love to see The Rock star in a movie with Clint Eastwood. So! We took it upon ourselves to imagine what a snippet of an Eastwood-Rock buddy action comedy — titled ‘Rocked and Loaded’ — would look like if it were written by ‘Shame’ director and co-writer Steve McQueen (yes, I know this isn’t the McQueen that The Rock is talking about, but it is a Steve McQueen) with some help from Damon Lindelof.

In ‘Rocked and Loaded,’ Eastwood plays Danny Rock, a veteran private investigator who, along with fellow P.I., Frank Load, played by The Rock, are framed for a crime that they didn’t commit.

So, Rock, what do you think? (Also, you’re welcome, no one.)