Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers Auction: ‘Wizard of Oz’ Shoes Available to Highest Bidder


There’s no place like (your) home for Dorothy’s red slippers from ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ In Los Angeles on Dec. 16, Profiles in History will auction off a pair of the iconic glittery red shoes worn by Judy Garland in the 1939 classic. Start checking the couch cushions for money.

First reported back in September, the slippers are one of only four pairs remaining from the classic film. One pair is on display at the Smithsonian, another is already part of a private collection, and the third was actually stolen from the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, Minn.

The shoes are expected to cost between $2 and $3 million, which is an accurate price according to Rhys Thomas, author of ‘The Ruby Slippers of Oz.’

“They are the holy grail of Hollywood memorabilia,” Thomas told Entertainment Tonight. “They are the ‘take me home to Kansas,’ shoes, transcending Hollywood, representing an enduring symbol of the power of belief.”

For more, head over to the Profiles in History website.