David Cronenberg Has Seen the First Two ‘Twilight’ Movies


You’d never expect to hear the words David Cronenberg and ‘Twilight’ in the same sentence — that is until the ‘Dangerous Method’ director cast Robert Pattinson in his upcoming movie, ‘Cosmopolis.’ In it, a 28-year-old billionaire (Pattinson) travels around Manhattan for the day in his limousine. Most critics aren’t exactly fawning over the ‘Twilight’ films — or for that matter, Pattinson’s performance — but Cronenberg saw something in Robert, particularly after watching his non-vampire moments in ‘Remember Me’ and ‘Little Ashes.’ That’s not to say he wasn’t impressed with Pattinson’s work as Edward Cullen (yes, the man behind ‘Videodrome’ has seen ‘Twilight’ and ‘New Moon’).

“I was impressed with his screen presence and a lot of his stillness, and a lot of other things. But the other movies showed me he had range. He had the range that I wanted,” Cronenberg told Vulture’s Jada Yuan. So has he seen ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1’ yet? “I think I’ll wait for the screener.”

In addition to ‘Cosmopolis,’ Cronenberg also discusses his current film, ‘A Dangerous Method,’ which stars Viggo Mortensen and Michael Fassbender as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. Some critics have mentioned that this film isn’t particularly “Cronenbergian,” a notion that the director could care less about.

That’s totally, totally irrelevant. See, this is very common. I’m often telling critics that they should not confuse their process with mine. I don’t care what movies I’ve made before. I don’t care what people think is Cronenbergian or not. It’s irrelevant to me. It’s as though I’d never made another movie when I’m making this movie. There’s nothing that I can take from those other movies, or what people think that I do, that is creatively of use to me. When I’m making this movie, once I’ve decided that yeah, this is a subject that interests me, I’m going to make this movie, I just focus on it. It’s of the moment. The movie tells me what it wants. I listen to the movie; it tells me what it wants in terms of style, visual style, dramatic style. And I have no desire to impose some preconceived idea of Cronenbergness on the project.

Cronenberg goes on to discuss the difficulty of financing films, particularly during a recession, as well as his thoughts on Occupy Wall Street. If you’re a Cronenberg fan, the entire interview is definitely worth your time.

‘A Dangerous Method’ is currently in theaters. ‘Cosmopolis’ is scheduled for a 2012 release date.