Benicio Del Toro as Khan in ‘Star Trek 2’? ‘Not True’ Says J.J. Abrams


When it was revealed back in November that Benicio Del Toro was J.J. Abrams’s choice to play the villain in ‘Star Trek 2,’ only one name jumped to the lips of Trekkies around the world: Khan. (Or perhaps “KHAAAAAAAAN.”) Late Friday, the website Latino Review reported that all that speculation was indeed accurate: according to sources, Del Toro will play Khan in the ‘Star Trek’ sequel. Great news! Just maybe someone should tell director J.J. Abrams.

When reached for comment by HitFix writer Drew McWeeny, Abrams offered two words of rebuttal: “Not true.”

There are reasons why Abrams’s wouldn’t be lying: Khan’s entire backstory doesn’t exist in the timeline laid out by Abrams in ‘Star Trek,’ and would be difficult to wedge into the sequel. But, hey: stranger things have happened.

In any case, Del Toro will appear in ‘Star Trek 2’ and will either play Khan or he won’t. Stay tuned…