You Want To Know The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Moths?

There is nothing more irritating than getting out a favourite item of clothing to discover an uninvited visitor has dined on your cashmere. No one likes to suffer through a moth infestation, but the only way to get rid of moths involves some simple steps that may need to be repeated several times.

The preferred food source of a moth is natural fibers. Consequently, a moth loves closets full of cotton shirts, expensive silks and favorite wool sweaters.

The most common fabric moths are weak fliers. These clothes moths housed in dark places and are not attracted to lights. So these pests are commonly found in closets. They tend to hide when disturbed that is why it is so hard to notice these pests. You may only notice that these pests are present once you see the damages on feathers and fabrics of your clothing. But worry not because these moths can be caught easily and just fly within the infested areas.

This article will give you easy, inexpensive and safe organic ways to fight those moths in your yarn and your kitchen. These methods were tried by our mothers and grandmothers too and are quite effective.

• Finding little holes in your knitwear?

• Not sure what to do next to prevent more damage?

• Want friendly and helpful advice on protecting your garments against Moths?

• Want to buy moth deterrents online?

Well as experts in Moth Deterrents and with so many enquiries still coming in about what are the best methods to get rid of these pests, it is time I directed you to our 10 Point Guide – How To Get Rid Of Moths.

You can’t afford to ignore the problem any longer!

Clothes Moths & Food Moths both appear to be increasing in numbers across the UK, so as soon as you find evidence of moth damage you must act!

Your valuable possessions are no doubt being destroyed and you want – need – to prevent more damage! Here is the top ten action list you should be doing now!

Our Top Ten Action List:

1. Identify the problem. Are they Clothes or Food Moths?

2. Remove all garments from the wardrobes or drawers and thoroughly vacuum

3. Seal areas where moths may be hiding, such as cracks in flooring, shelves, skirting

4. Protect clothes in wardrobes & drawers naturally and effectively with Cedar,Orphea and Colibri. Natural products will provide peace of mind if you have children or pets

5. Do not replace any of your garments until you have effective Moth Deterrents in place!

6. Once gone you want to stop them coming back with the use of a Moth Killer Spray

7. Moths in the kitchen? Using Anti Food Moth Traps are a safe way to deal with them

8. It is a good idea to take items outside to shake, even beat them on a regular basis

9. Keeping clothes & woollens clean will offer some protection, but correctly storing out of season items creates a barrier against the moths

10. Store clothes in garment covers and sweater bags to give an impenetrable layer which keep them at bay. Use Moth Deterrents to protect them while in storage because moths thrive in dark, undisturbed places.

What can you do?

The first step is to follow our useful guide to protect against moths!

Get effective Moth Deterrents in place before any more damage is done!

Whatever you do don’t ignore the problem, instead accept that moths are here in greater numbers now & create problems for many of us throughout the year! Not taking action will be costing you money! Once you find evidence of moth damage follow the above steps to save money by protecting your valuable possessions.

The battle against these little buggers is not easy, but with Caraselle Direct help, you can win.


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