Zhi Bai Ba Wei Wan is good for recovery from fever

Zhi Bai Ba Wei Wan is a very popular herbal medication in China. It is primarily mainly used for the treatment of fever and heat. It can also for treatments associated with liver, heart, and kidney. The formula that is used in Zhi Bai Ba Wei is mainly based on classic Liu Wie Di Huang Wan. This is the reason why the ingredients that are used in Zhi Bai Ba Wei Wan are highly significant.

The ingredients that are used in the formation of this herbal product include Radix Rehmanniae, Poria, Rhizoma Dioscoreae, Rhizoma Alismatis, Cortex Moutan, Fructus Corni, Cortex Phellodendri and Rhizoma Anemarrhenae.

Radix Rehmanniae is the primary ingredient. The nature of Radix Rehmanniae is quite dissimilar in comparison to other natural herbs. It performs its function in the channels of kidney, liver and heart. Its main function is to remove the heat out of blood and also provides nourishment to the yin, by this way it improvers the production of fluid in the body. It is recommended if a person is suffering from hectic fever and fire hyperactivity. It is an imperative medicine if a person is having the problem of epistaxis and lung dryness syndrome and diabetes.

The next ingredient is Poria. This is a kind of herb that is available in both tasteless and sweet flavor. It is considered to be a herb with neutral properties. Its main functions are to excrete dampness from the body, inducing diuresis. Poria also has the ability to tranquilize the mind. Another herb named Rhizoma Dioscoreae also has the potential to provide numerous benefits to the body. This herb is immensely beneficial to the kidney and lungs. It is recommended by the herbal therapists if a person is suffering from the problem of occasional seminal discharge.

Rhizoma Alismatis is cold by property and found in both sweet and no taste flavor. Its main working channels are the urinary bladder and kidneys. Its main function is to transform dampness and improving the water metabolism in the body. The fifth ingredient is Cortex Moutan that is quite a popular herb not only in China but abroad as well. It is a major ingredient in several Chinese herbal medication products. It has the capability to cure several diseases including fever. This is mainly because of its anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and anti pyretic nature. Cortex Moutan is also acts as an analgesic if a person is facing severe pain.

Fructus Corni is the herb prescribed if a person is suffering from extreme weaknesses. It is also suggested if a person is suffering from frequent seminal discharge. Fructus Corni has the ability to cure various symptoms and diseases including dizziness, impotence, tinnitus, and leucorrhea. Cortex Phellodendri is the next ingredient of Zhi Bai Ba Wei Wan. When it comes to its properties and taste then it is bitter and cold respectively. It clears out the heat from the body and also dry dampness. It plays a vital function in reducing the toxins from the body.

The last ingredient is Rhizoma Anemarrhenae. It is like most other herbs, it is bitter in taste but it is different when it comes to its nature. It is cold not warm in nature. It provides nutrition to yin and moisturizes the internal parts of the body. Hence, from the description of all the eight ingredients it is clear that Zhi Bai Ba Wei Wan not only helps you recover from fever but is overall an outstanding herbal medicine.

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