Yuan Hu Zhi Tong Pian for relieving from muscular and joints pain

Pain is something which no one likes to have. Whenever there is pain especially a chronic one, people tend to begin going for different type of therapies. It is a fact that from a long time the Chinese herbal medicines are doing a great job in this field. There are several herbal supplements available that helps in relieving one from different kinds of pain. But when it comes to joint and muscular pain then Yuan Hu Zhi Tong Pian is considered to be the best medicine. It is a Chinese herbal supplement that is capable of reducing other type of pains as well. It is hundred per cent natural and made up with the combination of two highly recognized herbs. These ingredients are Rhizoma Corydalis and Radix Angelicae Dahuricae.

Rhizoma Corydalis is known to be the primary herb. It covers more than half of the overall combination. The characteristics of Rhizoma Corydalis are quite similar to that of other Chinese medicinal herbs. It comprises of a pungent smell and it is bitter in taste. It is warm by nature. It is considered to be highly beneficial for the heart, spleen and liver channels. Due to its pungent nature it has the capability of helping in clearing the blood stasis; its warm nature promotes proper circulation of blood in the body.

Additionally, it plays a very vital role in the division of blood to both liver and heart. It also affects Qi in the lung and spleen. The pain mainly exists in the muscles and veins due to lack of proper circulation of blood. Rhizoma Corydalis helps to enhance the blood circulation and Qi which automatically relieves one from the pain. It is highly recommended for treatment of pain because it is a straight forward process. It directly affects the stasis in the blood division for the eradication of pain.

Another herb that is used in the preparation of Yuan Hu Zhi Tong Pian is Radix Angelicae Dahuricae. Although, it is considered to be the secondary herb in the preparation of Yuan Hu Zhi Tong Pian but its importance cannot be overlooked. This herb is derived from Dahurian angelica root. Its nature is quite similar to that of Rhizoma Corydalis. Similar to Rhizoma Corydalis it is pungent in smell and warm in nature. It is highly beneficial for lungs and stomach. It is quite effective for the treatment of joint and muscle pain. It is recognized for the treatment of various diseases associated with lungs as well. If a person is suffering from breathing problems then a proper dose of Radix Angelicae Dahuricae can help to expel wind and in the release of the exterior. When it is the matter of joint pain then it has the potential to reduce swelling to a great extent and can release the pus as well. Sometimes muscle and joint pain arises due to climatic conditions as well. Due to excessive humidity many times the salt in our body reduces to a great extent. This results in cramps. Here, uses of Radix Angelicae Dahuricae can certainly help to prevent pain.

So, it is clear that Yuan Hu Zhi Tong Pian is highly effective to treat muscle and joint pain. This is because of great combination of Rhizoma Corydalis and Radix Angelicae Dahuricae.

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