You Will Soon Have To Fork Over More Cash For Your Health Insurance

You probably already feel that you are paying a whole bunch for your health insurance premium. Likely it is more than you paid before and you are probably getting less in terms of benefits. The truth of the matter is that since the year 2003 the cost is up more than 40 percent for the health insurance itself. Deductibles have gone up a lot too, at least 75 percent for most folks.

As health insurance is a thing of necessity with the growing price it is becoming more and more out of reach for most Americans. The figures vary from state to state with some states such as Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Alaska, Wyoming, Connecticut, and Vermont showing the highest insurance premiums for 2009. States with the lowest premiums include Montana, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Kansas, Hawaii, Arkansas, Alabama, Idaho, Utah, and North Dakota. Essentially no matter where you live, however, you are still probably paying too much for your health insurance and the difference between the low cost insurance states and the high ones is only a difference of approximately $3,000 per year. The difference between paying $11,000 a year or $14,000 per year seems trivial to most as it all seems relatively surreal.

If you compare how fast household incomes are growing as compared to how health insurance premiums are growing, there is no comparison at all. People can’t keep up. A lot of people that have been looking towards the Affordable Health Care Act for relief have high hopes. They are hoping for the sake of their children that it will help the cost go down, for the sake of their children.

There are however concerns because even though this plan is intended to help keep health care costs from rising too rapidly this is little consolation to those who already can’t afford health insurance and with the cost of health insurance being upward of 14% of an Americans salary there is little hope for this Act to make the improvements it proposes to make.

The fact is that a whole lot of Americans are not even hopeful that they will be able to get health insurance any time soon. These same people are now worried that they will be in trouble later because they can’t pay for something that they will soon be required to have. There is the lack of health insurance to worry about and the fear that the government will fine you too.

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