Zero Marketing Cost With Online SMS

There have been an increasing number of online users these days and SMS has become so popular that it is hard to find someone who has a mobile phone and does not use SMS to communicate with their friends and family or use it for business purpose. There are whole lot of SMS gateway companies that has made it even easier to send Online SMS. Most people are always hooked onto the computer that they find it better to send an Online SMS from their computer than from their mobile phones. Social networking sites have hooked people onto their computer all the time or else they are browsing the net. It is easier and cheaper to send SMS from computer than from your mobile phone as there are websites that let you send SMS for free.

Another great benefit of online SMS is to advertise products and services using this free service. Online SMS is great as you get to type in the message from your computer that can be delivered in your mobile phone. You are most likely to read the messages that come into your mobile phone inbox than in your e-mail inbox. People are benefited because they would rather receive a message rather than a call. More and more companies are using mobile marketing and advertising to offer their products and services to the masses. It is easier and cost effective for the companies to use mobile marketing than using other methods of marketing.

There are many benefits for online SMS, the top one being the cost part. Most of these online SMS services are completely free and the only thing you would need to do is to register yourself in their website to start enjoying the service. You would be saving a lot of money that you spend on mobile phone bills. SMS that you send from computer is very fast and will be delivered in the same speed that as you get from a mobile device. It is definitely easier to type messages on a bigger keyboard of a computer than typing on a mobile phone.

You can send message to multiple people at the same time by sending Online SMS and it is easier if you have to send a long message. Bulk SMS is the current trend in marketing and is proven to be highly effective. You can create multiple groups of your customers, may be you want to send a different kind of message, may be want to offer more discounts for your very loyal customers, and regular discounts for other customers. You can have two types of messages ready and send it to two different groups. There are no restrictions on how many messages you can send per day or week and also there is no restriction on how many people you can send at the same time. The only restriction is on the message length that is restricted by your mobile service provider. You can send the same length as you send from your mobile phone. Basically enjoy unlimited SMS from your computer without any restriction.

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