Zenith Z20LA7R LCD TV Review

Super-IPS stands for Super In-Plane Switching and was co-developed by LG.Philips, Philips Consumer Electronics, Hitachi and Zenith. Super-IPS works using a switching mode that keeps the many molecules inside the display plane constantly to ensure that when light passes through the display the picture brightness, contrast and color are accurate regardless from the viewing angle. Super-IPS LCD panels might possibly not have a maximum contrast ratio that’s up to conventional LCD panels, but the overall viewing angle performance is much better. Another downside to a LCD panel utilizing Super-IPS technology is the response time is normally slower than LCD panels utilizing a TN or VA mode engineering. The Z20LA7R has a 20-inch, 4:3 aspect ratio display using a 400:1 contrast ratio and a 25MS response time. For complete specifications, please click around the specification tab and link located above and below this review.

Cosmetically, the Z20LA7R is most likely among the far better looking LCD televisions we have seen lately. The tv is really flat measuring 23.2¨ wide by 16.2¨ tall and only 2.8¨ deep. And since the Z20LA7R only weighs 22Lbs, it is very simple to move. Housed in a silver case, the Z20LA7R includes a shiny chrome strip that helps to enhance the televisions seem. There isn’t any buttons which are visible from the front with the television, only the remote control sensor, presenting a tv that has very clean lines and a high quality appear and feel. A plastic panel around the back of the tv provides for a cable management system hiding the cables from being viewable. It is possible to either use the provided stand or you can use a VESA compatible bracket to mount the Z20LA7R about the wall

Typically the most overlooked part from the tv is the remote control. We have observed immaculate plasma TVs costing thousands of dollars but come with ugly and nonfunctional remote controls. Zenith has done an admirable job in ensuring the remote that arrives with the Z20LA7R looks as good as the tv itself. The remote is really slim and features a extremely modern, hip appear to it. The buttons on the remote are well laid out and the controls are very intuitive to make use of. Take into account that this is an EDTV LCD with budget conscious users in mind, so there’s not a lot of advanced features, and thus extremely few buttons to make use of.

Feature-wise, like we have mentioned, the Z20LA7R is as basic as it gets. There are a total of five inputs to pick from: Component Video that is capable of receiving 480i/480P signals (EDTV broadcasts), S-Video, Composite Video, Analog VGA (non-usable) and Coaxial inputs. The Z20LA7R comes with an integrated NTSC tuner so it will be able to natively support the basic cable or over-the-air broadcasts. If you intent to utilizing satellite or digital cable with the Z20LA7R, than you should use the S-Video input for top possible picture quality.

You can control the Z20LA7R by either using the remote handle or the controls around the TV itself. Hidden behind the right hand speaker you can find Channel, Volume, Menu, Enter, TV/Video selection, Power buttons. The remote control has the same buttons but adds the Mute, Channel Recall, Sleep Time, and Closed Captioning controls.

The Z20LA7R has a remote handle including batteries, manual, and A/C power cable. We were disappointed to see Zenith decide not to consist of any PC or video/audio cables; you are forced to buy those separately. The Z20LA7R has a a single year parts and labor warranty.

The Z20LA7R has an single manual that covers two models, the Z20LA7R and the Z15LA7R which is the 15-inch version of this television. We noticed that the Zenith includes cables while using Z15LA7R but doesn’t consist of them using the 20-inch model so they must be trying to save their profit margin; either way it’s a blow to the consumer. The manual is very effortless to read and provides detailed instructions regarding how to hook the Z20LA7R as much as an indoor/outdoor antenna, external set top box and other peripherals such as camcorders and video game systems.


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