Yugoslavia Real Estate: Invest Now!

Yugoslavia is a term used to describe the three entities that existedconsecutively in Balkan Peninsula in Europe, during the 20thcentury. After the fall of Austria-Hungary Empire after World War I, a newcountry was formed comprising over 20 different ethnic groups. This country wasgiven the name Yugoslavia. However, seventy years later, this nation againdisintegrated into seven new states, namely, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia,Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Kosovo. The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia subsistedtill 2003, and later is was renamed as ‘Serbia and Montenegro’

The Yugoslavia real estatemarket has been quite liquid in the past 10 years. For the local people, thiswas a situation that needed no explanation. However, for the international real estate investors,the region of Yugoslavia has been as always will be the center of the Balkanregion. Its strategically perfect location ensures that it is and always willbe a hot property market.

The country of Serbia, with its capital as Belgrade, is quite open toforeigners and welcomes internationalreal estate investors with open arms. Though you may have to pay a bitmore as a foreigner in comparison to the locals, but the situation is muchbetter than countries like Czech Republic.

For the real estate in Yugoslavia,the most common way of pricing the properties is through bids and offers.Though a large number of people still base their Yugoslavia real estate and Yugoslaviarental prices in the former Deutsch mark, but all the dealings for real estate in Yugoslavia are carriedout in Euros without fail.

Recently the prices of Yugoslaviareal estate have been moving upwards constantly. The influx of the international real estate investors inthe Yugoslavia real estatemarket is not expected to diminish any time soon. Besides this, a number ofSerbs a returning from the diaspora, leading to a rise in prices of properties.The prime minister of the country also said in the interview that according tothe estimates of the government, the prices of real estate in Yugoslavia expected to increase by 50 percent inthe next 5 or 7 years. Thus, this figure of 50 percent can be thought as theminimum guide number for future transactions.

Another great thing is that the government of the country has promised tolower down the procedural requirements that an international real estate investors requires to ensure in order tobuy real estate in Yugoslavia.Though this doesn’t sound much solid, but the number of laws and reformsalready enacted by the government, this will also be a welcome change.

The Balkans is also a great place to live. It comprises of numeroushealthful springs, baths and spas, which have been operating successfully forthousands of years. The public transportation system is also quite good andtheir western connections are also improving day by day. So invest in Yugoslavia real estate now, don’t waitfor the time when all good opportunities are over.

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