Zygor WoW Leveling Guide – New User Interface Features Reviewed

For years WoW guide users have had to choose between two main types of guides – guides with a tour guide type approach with a super small interface that only shows one quest goal at a time. And guides like the Zygor WoW leveling guide which shows multiple quest goals or multiple steps at a time and offer much more detail

The trade off was that if you wanted more detail, you would have to go with a big and bulky guide interface. Customers had to choose between one or the other and couldn’t have the best of both worlds.

Zygor WoW leveling guides version 3.0. the World’s first world of Warcraft leveling guide to offer both single and multiple step views. I was surpised that the entire guide interface has been given a sleek, intuitive and easy to use design.

In the full mode, you can see the guide borders with the guide steps in full size showing all of the information at once. This mode is great for players who prefer larger guide interface or who have the screen real estate to allow for a bulkier guide. The secondary mode or mini mode shrinks the guide to the bare minimum so players can have less clutter on their screen.

You can configure the guide to run into whichever configuration you prefer. But what happens if you’re using mini mode and want to view more information that the guide step contains. By simply hovering your mouse over the guide step in the mini mode, you can expand the guide step to display the step information. Their mini mode is a cool feature, but they didn’t just settle for a generic imitation of tour guide which other guides have done.

They’ve given it that extra polish and finesse, characteristic of Zygor Guides. One huge limitation that has plagued Tour Guide style guide is the ability to see multiple quest objectives at the same time. For example, if you have several quests with goals to complete all in the same area, your told the first quest objective only, all by it self.

Other guides will show you only one quest goal at a time until it’s completed. But most of the time, there are lots of quest goals to do at the same time. Players have been complaining about this restriction for years.

With Zygor’s mini mode, you’re shown all of the quest object you need to do at a single location, all at once- without having to sacrifice the minimalist approach to the interface. As you can see, this feature is a game changer!

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